Sunday, February 5, 2012

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Flexibility Exercises and Weight Loss

How do flexibility exercises and weight loss go hand in hand?

At first glance it may not seem that the two have much correlation, but looking back on the past 10 years of working with private personal training clients, I can say that...

The men and women who were consistent with their flexibility exercises also saw the greatest improvements in weight loss...

and in body composition changes...

and in injury prevention...

and in lasting results

So, why is flexibility training so important?

Do you remember the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz?

He had joint problems and flexibility issues. When he couldn't move, he couldn't function properly.

The same is true for all of us. When we can't move properly, we can't exercise properly.

That goes for cardiovascular exercise and weight training exercise.

Restrictions in your range of motion, flexibility, and mobility will restrict your ability to use muscle.

If we can't activate our muscles, we can't use them to help build lean muscle...and...that means that they won't be helping to burn calories for us.

So, for the best results, be sure to do your daily stretching. The Magnificent Mobility DVD utilizes many of the same principles that we use each day with our private personal training clients.

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Contributed by Boh from My Personal Trainer School

Sunday, November 30, 2008

What's The Best Abdominal Exercise

As a personal trainer, "What's the best abdominal exercise?" is one of the most popular fitness questions I get asked.

And the truth is that there are many different answers. The answer I give always depends on someone's definition of "Best".

What most people want to know is which is the best abdominal exercise to get rid of stomach fat, and unfortunately NO abdominal exercise can magically get rid of stomach fat.

This is known as the spot reduction myth. Spot Reduction is the #1 Ab Exercise Myth.

You can do 1000 sit ups, but this is not the best way to get rid of stomach fat. If your goal is to lose stomach fat, you should take a comprehensive approach to fitness and include cardio, weights, and sound nutrition.

Okay, back to the best abdominal exercise. One perspective is that the best ab exercise is the one that you will do on a regular basis. If you like an exercise and can safely perform it with correct form then I say stick with that exercise.

Some of my favorite ab exercises are bicycle crunches, reverse crunches on a decline bench, the plank, and crunches on a stability ball.

If you want to see pictures of those exercises and also learn different ab exercises, visit my site to see pictures of over 100 Ab Exercises.

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Dr. Charles PT/PT

Fitness Tips for Burning Calories after Thanksgiving

Everyone I've talked to this week is looking for fitness tips for burning calories after Thanksgiving.

If your household is anything like mine, it's easy enough to plop yourself down in front of the tv, turn on your favorite football team, and eat plate after plate of holiday leftovers.

But, we both know that won't help your weight loss or fat loss goals in the long run.

To help you make it through the rest of this holiday season, the Top Personal Trainers blog is including 3 Holiday Fitness Tips for Burning Calories after Thanksgiving.

Tip #1 - Eat Something Healthy First

Leftovers are unavoidable, but they're usually packed with sugar (carbohydrates) and fat. To make sure that you don't overload on these workout sabotaging calories, be sure to get your fill of fruits and vegetables first.

Tip #2 - Keep Burning Calories

With the draw of the television, family visits, and shopping, it can be easy to forget about making it to the gym. If you live in the colder climates and are about to get some snow, use shoveling as family workout time; just be sure to warm-up first. For those of you enjoying warmer weather, plan a pre-meal or pre-game walk to burn off some calories and get the heart rate up. And, if you are heading to the malls, try parking as far away as you can. A little extra walking can help fight off some unwanted inches.

Tip #3 - Try a New Workout Routine

Most people that I meet in the gym have been following the same routine for 6 months or more. I keep hearing the same thing from them, "It used to work, but I'm not getting results from my program anymore." If you are feeling the time crunch of the holidays or are just bored with your fitness programs, seek the help of a reputable fitness professional or personal trainer. You'll be amazed by how you feel and how your body will look after just a few half-hour sessions.

You Can Do It!

Keep these 3 Fitness Tips in mind for the rest of the year, and both you and your waistline will be a little bit happier!

Dedicated to a Happier and Healthier You!

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Contributed by Boh from My Personal Trainer School

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